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Northpointe Cavalier Puppies

When you purchase a puppy from an established, ethical breeder, you are committing to the future of the breed.  We breed to raise the bar with each litter.  We seek to promote characteristics typical of the breed standard, while assuring those cavaliers we keep are not just a pretty face, but the healthiest and happiest little souls around.  We compete in the show rings with our fellow breeders, and with ourselves – to achieve excellence.  We support and register our dogs in the two recognized clubs for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – the AKC, and the CKCSC.  We support the health research efforts and the rescue mission of the ACKCSC, as members.  We are the proud recipient of a number of awards at the annual National ACKCSC conformation competition, demonstrating our dedication to promote excellence in the breed.

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